Chicken farm worker (Germany)

By | August 16, 2022


Chicken farm worker (Germany)

This job is available for those, who are located in Poland, ONLY!

We are recruiting men, women, couples.

Requirements: a valid Polish work visa (at least 2 months left), age between 20 – 50 years old, no addiction to alcohol.

Schedule: 12 hours a day from Mon to Sat, two shifts.

The farm is in 70 km from Bremen (Germany), engaging in cultivation and transportation of live chickens – not slaughter.

Duties: loading live chickens, maintenance of equipment, cleaning, other tasks.

On-site training and adaptations, legal employment by Polish companies.

Living conditions: accommodation in a private house/cottage for 2-3 people in a room (there are rooms for couples), good conditions. Cost of accommodation: 150 – 180 euro per month per person is deducted from the salary.

We provide free transportation to the work and back to home.

Salary: Accord – depend on the loaded trucks.

Per month euro net.

Payment system: group of 8 people loads a truck with chickens. Usually it takes 40 – 50 minutes for 1 truck. Each worker from the group earns 8 euro net (first month) and 9 euro net (since second month) for every loaded truck.

undocumented absence from work), damage to the property of the company and objects at work or at the place of residence.

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